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Many thanks for the replies, REALLY appreciated.

I had my first decent drive in the car today and am wondering why I have not bought one's a FAB car!

Tyres: Good idea about 255 size, I may try next time. I actually managed to get 225 tyres (Enduro Runway which I have used before on my old Granada) for £75 each and I am happy with those. 225 tyres were on all wheels when I bought the car at the weekend.

Tire bar message: Realise now this is a display to show the tyre pressures, however on my display no numbers are displayed, just 2 dashes against each wheel. Any idea how I get the pressures to show on the display?

Battery 1: Thanks for the ebay tip. Presumably a Bosch S5 (or equivalent) is best? Europarts recommend an S3 but am thinking this may not be powerful enough.

Battery 2: I had the battery tested when getting the new tyres and apparently it passed the test. The car seems a little slow turning over when starting hence my though the battery was on it's way out. Any other possible suggestions for a slow turnover when starting?

Oil suction pump: Can anyone recommend a good pump, please?

Remote: The unlock and boot buttons work fine, the lock button seems to need about 12 or 13 presses before it works, so I guess it is not battery related. I have taken the key fob apart and cleaned but has not made any difference. Any ideas where best to get a replacement?

Alarm: Perhaps I did press the lock button and my wife was still in the car! It did also go off while I was pressing the lock button a few times while trying to get it to lock when back at home. It hasn't gone off since so maybe I just got a bit carried away pressing buttons which triggered the alarm somehow.......what a loud alarm though!!!

Seat slider: I have read somewhere that someone once got something stuck in the seat runners (coin I think) which was stopping the seat move. I will check this at the weekend.

Sun Visor clips broken: Seems like this is a common problem. Any ideas where best to get replacements?

Many Many thanks!
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