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AB77 10-14-2018 01:59 PM

New owner - a few questions please
I recently bought a 300C after wanting one for a few years. It's a silver 2007 model, with 110k on the clock. Most of my friends think I am crazy but I think the car is FAB!

I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with please:

1) What does the 'Tire bar' message mean on the centre of the display panel?
2) The battery seems a little hesitant when starting. Europarts suggest a Bosch S3 battery for around £115. Any thoughts on suitability/cost?
3) The car could do with an oil change. Is this a straightforward DIY task like most other cars?
4) The remote lock button button doesn't always seem to work.
5) The alarm went off while I was about to fill the car with fuel, not sure why
6) The front passenger electric seat adjuster for forward and back movement does not move the seat although you can hear a noise when the button is pushed/pulled.
7) Any thoughts tyres? I need 2 for the front and was a little surprised at the cost.

Many thanks

DGO 10-15-2018 07:33 AM

Oil change is pretty easy. Drain in the sump. Oil filter tool needed for the filter.

Make sure you get the right MB or Dexos2 oil.

dm575 10-16-2018 04:08 AM

If you have 18" wheels then 255/55/18's fit and give a much wider choice. I've been running Nexen Rodian 4x4 tyres on mine for years. They were around £65 each :)

talldave 10-16-2018 03:10 PM

1) It's a yank motor so they can't spell tyre, and pressure is measured in bar - there's a display that shows the pressure (in bar) of all four tyres, is that the one you're seeing?
2) You can get a superior Bosch S5 on ebay for less - I bought an S5013 in April for £112. (S5013 is actually a type 019 battery!).
3) If you use a pump to suck the oil out you don't even need to get underneath. Genuine MB filter £11 on ebay, but as mentioned above, you do need a dedicated tool. MB oil £38 for 10L on ebay from an MB dealer. Whilst you're at it though, all the filters (oil, air, pollen (cabin), fuel) are easy to change - although fuel filter is easier with the proper tool.
4) New battery? Under £2. Or dodgy button perhaps? More costly if new keyfob required.
5) A dying battery can trigger the alarm.
6) No ideas I'm afraid.
7) What size wheels?

devilmaycare 10-17-2018 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by AB77 (Post 2784825)
5) The alarm went off while I was about to fill the car with fuel, not sure why

This once happened to me. As I unlocked the filler cap, I managed to press the "lock" button and my wife who was in the car, moved about and triggered the intrusion detector.

I can also recommend the pump method for oil extraction (assuming you have a CRD). The engine was designed with this in mind. Oil and filter can be changed from standing position in front of car. No crawling underneath required.

Maybe your friends prefer to be inconspicuous by driving the ubiquitous European offerings?

AB77 10-17-2018 03:33 PM

Many thanks for the replies, REALLY appreciated.

I had my first decent drive in the car today and am wondering why I have not bought one's a FAB car!

Tyres: Good idea about 255 size, I may try next time. I actually managed to get 225 tyres (Enduro Runway which I have used before on my old Granada) for £75 each and I am happy with those. 225 tyres were on all wheels when I bought the car at the weekend.

Tire bar message: Realise now this is a display to show the tyre pressures, however on my display no numbers are displayed, just 2 dashes against each wheel. Any idea how I get the pressures to show on the display?

Battery 1: Thanks for the ebay tip. Presumably a Bosch S5 (or equivalent) is best? Europarts recommend an S3 but am thinking this may not be powerful enough.

Battery 2: I had the battery tested when getting the new tyres and apparently it passed the test. The car seems a little slow turning over when starting hence my though the battery was on it's way out. Any other possible suggestions for a slow turnover when starting?

Oil suction pump: Can anyone recommend a good pump, please?

Remote: The unlock and boot buttons work fine, the lock button seems to need about 12 or 13 presses before it works, so I guess it is not battery related. I have taken the key fob apart and cleaned but has not made any difference. Any ideas where best to get a replacement?

Alarm: Perhaps I did press the lock button and my wife was still in the car! It did also go off while I was pressing the lock button a few times while trying to get it to lock when back at home. It hasn't gone off since so maybe I just got a bit carried away pressing buttons which triggered the alarm somehow.......what a loud alarm though!!!

Seat slider: I have read somewhere that someone once got something stuck in the seat runners (coin I think) which was stopping the seat move. I will check this at the weekend.

Sun Visor clips broken: Seems like this is a common problem. Any ideas where best to get replacements?

Many Many thanks!

dm575 10-18-2018 03:25 AM

I've got Sealey TP69 ( £54 on ebay ) Works a treat but only 6.5ltr capacity so you need to stop and empty it half way. Aldi or Lidl had an electric oil pump a while back for about £25 not sure if that would be an option if you cn find one ?

Tyre pressure, I would guess either your TPMS senders in the wheels are dead ( at 11 yrs the batteries would have died if original ) or a PO has removed them and replaced with rubber stems. Thats what I did and get - - in the display. No problems.

AB77 10-18-2018 03:57 AM

That's really helpful dm575, thank you.

DGO 10-18-2018 08:48 AM

On the key (assuming you have the FOBIK) check whether your car needs the recall: you'll get new keys

Agree with the above on the TPMS senders which can be bought from our Custom300c friends though they're not cheap: Chrysler 300c TPMS Tyre Pressure Sensor

devilmaycare 10-18-2018 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by AB77 (Post 2784953)
Oil suction pump: Can anyone recommend a good pump, please?

I use a Pela hand pump, designed for removing oil from marine engines - purchased from a marine superstore and not expensive. One advantage of using a pump is being able to remove the small amount of oil at the bottom of the filter bowl which doesn't drain by gravity.

Sun Visor clips have been discussed before on the forum - try a search.

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