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  • MXDesa ·
    Hey Charlie,

    I was going through some of suspension/wheels threads and i came across your 300 with the 22" replicas. Great looking car man, and the ride hide is just perfect. I wanted to pick your brain on something?

    How do you like the ride of the sportline springs?
    Do the 22" rub at all over heavy bumps? Did you have to roll the fenders?

    Thanks for your time man, and i hope to hear from you soon!

    Charliedrums38 ·
    I put the shocks/springs on at about 75,000 miles. To me it made the car feel new again. Obviously it's a more firm ride, not bouncy at all. With the 22's you'll feel every bump in the road, and need to be careful with potholes as there isn't much tire to provide protection with. Going at hwy speeds you really can't tell a difference. it's all worth it to me for a better looking and handling ride.
    Charliedrums38 ·
    I have not rolled the fenders, but need to do so. I will catch the front fenders every once in a while when turning into a parking lot or driveway, with the wheels turned. It has gouged my tires a couple of times, and pulled the fender out as well. I've used a broom stick and some duct tape to push them back in place, and even a little further, but I definitely recommend turning them all the way flush with the inside of the fender. I also have had the rear tires rub with a car load of people-2 in front, 3 in back. Just something to be aware of. I still really like the look and have just learned to be careful. Not sure about replacing anything else, unless worn out. i plan to upgrade the sway bars and add a tower brace eventually. Look forward to your progress!
    Madme300 ·
    Hey Charleidrums38.
    I'm new to this site and found your pics on google. I'm researching about eibach springs and saw you have the sportline set up with the Koni shocks and you have the 22" chrome srt replicas which I'm getting this winter and was thinking about getting the koni shocks also. Did you have to role your fenders with those wheels??? Any problems with this set up? Is there something else I should replace or buy when I upgrade my suspension???
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