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  • GoofyTimL ·
    I actually put this in the intro thread for GreyGhost300S... so I was off-topic there as well, sort of. Anyway... here it what I said.

    Regarding OEM tires... we found the OEMs on our Platinum to perform well in the wet while we toured New England in early October. We had at least two days of steady rain each week of the 15-day tour. So, when it came time for winter tires, I bought only two Blizzaks for this season. We will drive timidly trusting that the nearly brand new (less than 11k miles) OEMs on the front will perform well enough. Frankly I haven't looked at the precise maker and name of the OEM tires for the Platinum, but will do so as soon as I get home... and post the info later tonight. But based on our previous two Chrysler/Dodge vehicles... the OEMs weren't good and were slicky in the wet. I couldn't wait to get them off. That wasn't the case with the Platinum up in Pennsylvania and New England... glad to say it.

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