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  • MNbska ·
    Hi there,

    When you shimmied up your front seat, what material did you place between the seat and mounting point? Plain washers, steel stock, etc?

    Did you loosen the rear bolts to give some play to the front? Did you worry about angling the material?

    Thanks for any information. If I do it, I'll post pictures.

    Jerryjohn ·
    Desiree... Thanks for your input. I did check the lights before removing the upper console so thanks for that suggestion. I removed the console and found nothing out of order. There really isn't anything in there to come loose. I reinstalled the console and took the car for a ride on a bumby road. You guessed more noise. I'll see if it comes back over time, and I might have to look elsewhere.
    Thanks again.
    MagnumBill ·
    Sorry but If you are Talking about me maybe you read the post wrong it was Only down about half a qt NOT EMPTY .
    I'm alway on top of that and when some thing goes wrong I fix it ASAP...
    My thought exactly. Basically I gave up on the guy.
    He obviously has a problem be it never changing and/or checking his oil level, or something mechanical like the PCV or EGR, but those would probably consume oil quickly and display a cloud of smoke.
    I think the best advice is for him to see a stealership, but even that is iffy.
    I haven't been to the thread in a couple of days. Has any one told him to change what oil there is in it (like the two quarts he so mizerly added!), and the filter, and see what happens?
    I'm going to look for the thread now.
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