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  • wytb81 ·
    Dear Sir,

    Hello, I have just registered on the forum. I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum that I need to do a replacement of the upper control arms. I have looked at your informative thread on the subject (How To: Upper Control Arm Replacement), but the only problem is that none of the images are showing up any more. I am sure you are a busy guy with a family and a job and many other things to do, but could I ask you (if you have time) if there is any way you could update your Photobucket account so that the images will show up again? I'm not real savvy on this stuff, and don't think I can do the repair myself with just the description alone, without the pictures to guide me. I would sure appreciate it. The shops in my small town want almost $1,000 to do the repair, and I'm living paycheck to paycheck and that's just not something I can really afford. Please write me if you can. Thank you so much!


    Justin Kudolla
    Casper, Wyoming
    Wizardufo ·
    Hello, can you please tell me what was the solution to your car when it threw those 11 codes back in January, 2011. I just threw almost those exact codes? Thanks
    panma_jack ·
    Hey fisch what all is involved in swapping a srt8 front bumper I found one to go on my 300 touring ,is there modding involved because I have no tools garage or things of such I love the srt8 look so i Plan to swap the exhaust for the double mufflers /the OEM bumpers tht Have the cut outs seems like I bttr get all the info before I get any parts I'm still learning all I can about the 300 BTW I have a 2006 300 touring thanks for any info in advance
    davisjam ·
    Hey Fisch, I am new to the formes and noticed that you were having a huge sale. I am interested in some of the items you have posted. I didnt write down the prices but I did the item numbers and was wondering if you could do a package deal? The items im interested in are #43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 54, 164 x 2, and 165 x 3.
    nraider420h ·
    I saw you today! Awesome ride bro. You drove right by me in the Kroger parking lot at Main and Alum Creek right at 4:10pm. I was in a E-150 Capital City Appliance vehicle. I didn't completely realize it was you till I got home and saw your sig pic here. All of your exterior mods popped right out at me...god I want the new model Chrysler Wing Badge!

    There doesn't seem to be much meet & greet action here in C-bus for our platform other than the Brice road Mopar nats gathering thingy. Let me know if you hear of anything, I would like to attend a show or something where you were planning on attending. Good to see you out there! Have a great day!
    Bunion ·
    Fisch, your garage pictures are amazing. Thanks for posting the links to all the products. My bank account is going to hate you lol.
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