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  • Northern Rider ·
    Hi Brian. I have some video to edit and put up. Should be done in the next day or two. Car is a blast on stickys and the chassis is well dialed in now.
    Northern Rider ·
    Hi Brian - Glad to hear you've got a track going in Edmonton - that's great! As to your suspension, I would guess that the OEM rubber bushings are breaking down - seems to be a common issue on these cars. Most owners start swapping out various components with new OEM (the same part) and will have the same problem again. Virtually all of the metal components in my suspension are still the OEM ones, but we replaced all bushings with Pedders. It is a big job and you need a place that has the tools and experience to push the old bushings out and insert the Pedders bushings. It will really 'tighten up' the suspension which will make a big difference to your driving at the track.

    At the same time, you may want to put in adjustable control arms for camber on the front and rear, for road racing. Razor's Edge has the best components for this task.

    Let me know if I can be of any more assistance. - Pat
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