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  • Cavanaugh ·
    Hey Freebirdsrt!! I love the headlight modification you did on your bright white srt. How can I get a pair or how do I make the pair? Could you please help me.
    jchchrysler ·

    MADDOG suggested that I contact you as you have done a MOD on the trunk lid so that it opens full when released.

    Could you possibly help me out with some more info on how you achieved this?

    Morpheus Eustate ·
    This is Morpheus_300 I am looking to get some of these are you still able to get a discount on these? I am also part of SCLX, let me know thanks.
    fawad ·
    Hello, i am a new member and i would like to buy the black bezel 300 headlights from you. If you still have them please let me know how much you want for them. Thank you.
    SRTGR8T ·
    Thank you for ur understanding my friend, and just to clarify something, Asanti and forgiato are junk, they are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to high line, I liked ur rims because nobody here has them in Detroit, u should just give them to me as Midwestern advertising, I'll change the barrels to a one piece forged that we but through rodtanna, and bam!!! Instant advertisement, plus Norman at forgiato is kind of a **** and as crazy as this may be to u, I am close friends with Diko at giovanna (GFG) so maybe I'll call in a favor, who knows, but one thing is for sure, we are planning something big here in Detroit and maybe I'll work out a contract with usw and introduce your line with Amani Forged line out of Miami as Ed is a close friend as well from elite.
    SRTGR8T ·
    I like them, although I'm sure $3500 is probably a fair price, I'm trying to get into a rim and tire package, for around that much, you think you could do $2500 will seal deal by end of day today and I'll arrange shipping, although the wheels are painted nicely I would have to repaint to put my personally touch to them (powdercoat) let me know, I am interested, by the way, your car looks sick!!!!
    FreebirdSRT ·
    I removed the supplied 3M tape on the roof spoiler to paint the entire roof spoiler. Then I installed my own 3M tape (same 3M tape as came supplied on roof spoiler). Just clean your window with rubbing alchohol real good before installint the roof spoiler.
    PTCSRT8 ·
    I will be getting a rear roof spoiler for my 300 SRT soon (2007). Ordered from the Ebay vendor. I was wondering if you installed it using the provided 3M tape or did you do something else or additional to ensure it stays and does not fall off? Thanks!
    Patdow1 ·
    I like your style! I didn't want to put this out there to everybody since it's still in the design phase, but I currently have one of my Club Members ( working on making me a rear diffuser like the one on the 300 SRT still deciding on whether to add subtle fins. In your opinion what would be the best way to affix it (3M tape or plastic rivits or other?
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