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  • jackwalton ·

    Did Mrs Armchair get her Sportage Wheels sorted ???? and what does she and you think of the car.

    Been looking at a new one today and look good value for money and the 7 year guarantee is fantastic.

    TerryCB ·
    Hi Jack

    I noticed that you have a 2008 300c SRT, and you have given good advice to other members. I am hoping that you will be able to help me. I have installed LED Day Running Lights on my 2010 Chrysler 300c SRT and I need them to switch off when the ignition is switched off or the side/head lights are on. I have been told to wire the feed for the lights to the red/green cable on fuse 6 in the front distribution box. I noticed that you recommend fuse 1, is this the case on my 2010 car and what colour should I break into? I would be very grateful for your advice.


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