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  1. Finally got pics of my SRT Design

    Chrysler 300 Picture/Media Post
    Well, they're only cell phone pics, but it's a start!! I would embed them, but I'll just link to them so that I don't run the risk of them being too big for the screen.... side rear 3/4 So I bought this car with the windows already tinted by the previous owner. Any guess as to what % tint...
  2. Bluetooth OBD-II dongle and Torque

    I spent a couple minutes with it the other night. Plugged in the dongle and paired it with my Droid2 and we were off and running. Unfortunately, it was crappy weather out so it didn't leave the garage, but I was able to add a couple gauges to the phone screen and I started the car. It...
  3. VIN decoder site

    General Discussion
    I saw the same thing on my '07 SRT Design. I have no idea. Is that included for the 19 gallon tank code, or in addition to? Dunno?:confused:
  4. VIN decoder site

    General Discussion
    I'm sorry if this has been posted, but I did a search and couldn't find a mention of I heard about this website over at an Impala forum I frequent (my wife and I have a '94 and a '96 Impala SS, along with her '07 Magnum R/T), and it decodes VINs to show all options assigned to that...
  5. Bluetooth OBD-II dongle and Torque

    Woo-hoo! Here's the link!
  6. Bluetooth OBD-II dongle and Torque

    I bought one of these a couple months ago, but haven't gotten around to using it. There's a free (or paid, with more options) app available on smartphones (at least on Android) called "Torque". It's a scan tool that shows gauges and can clear check engine codes/light. I'd post a link to the...
  7. Looking to buy an 07 SRT Design

    General Discussion
    Good thread, it'll be good for me to follow as well as I just purchased (3 days ago) an '07 SRT Design with 23,050 miles (now 23,350.... too much fun driving, lol).
  8. St. Louis, MO area?

    Midwest Forum
    Did a quick search and saw there *was* an LX club in St. Louis, but their last activity appears to be back in '09. Anybody here around the St. Louis area?
  9. New guy

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Just picked up my new daily driver last night. '07 300C SRT Design. It's not my first foray into the LX realm as my wife has an '07 Magnum R/T. No pics yet (other than the ones still up on, but I'll work on that. Loving the car, just wish it had HIDs.... oh well, the...