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  • stevesrt8 ·
    Whew! It's been a while!

    Sorry to have been long gone for a bit. Wife fighting cancer and major surgery involved. All on the mend now.

    Hope you are doing well old friend.

    franc ·
    hey Patrick I am have been doing many mods to "Frank" mostly HP New Heads "Thitek Beehive " Comp stage 2 turbo cam. Forged Rods and Pistons , 62mm twin turbos Fuel system , Viking II transmission . It may never end LOL. I am thinking I may have gone over the edge towards 1/4 mile performance. I do plan to see how things play out this year at Castrol track. Those guys seem to be such BMW luv boys . Anyway what are your plans for BBII this season ?
    300x300 ·
    Good Morning,

    I just have a stupid question here :) I just would to know how can I post my question regarding the issue im having with my car ? or how to start a new thread ?

    Thanks :)
    franc ·
    Hello Patrick, I hope your winter is going well. I have a suspension question… My car has about 80000km and I notice a suspension "clunking" on rough roads coming from the rear on the passenger side. I had a similar noise in my 2005 c and new rear shock bushings fixed it. I am wondering if I should go with that fix and wait to Pedderize or do you think I might as well do the whole Pedderize solution now. By the way Castrol in Edmonton is open I have joined up with the "track junkies" I look forward to some trips to the track next summer. Its only a 5 hour drive LOL, but I do have relatives to stay with.

    Thanks Brian
    Khalid ·
    hey man, how ur doing? i have a lil question for u. I made up my mind on the tyres and i think ill go for a michelin pilot super sports, what do u think of them? hows the grip? will it keep burning out and going left and right under full accelaration from zero? coz mine now really keeps burning out for many seconds at WOT.

    Another question is i have a stock 18'' rims, so, what is the maximum size i can put on these rims in front and rear? and what do u really recomend?
    PTCSRT8 ·
    Do you have coilovers on your car today? I was just wondering since you do a good bit of road circuit driving, do you have this mod to lower your car. If so, what type? I was thinking of lowering my SRT but did not want to affect performance/handling - but then again, I do have 22's and I know those do not handle like what you have on your car. Thanks!
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