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  • devilmaycare ·
    Hi Paul

    Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my bonnet struts, which arrived this morning. Just one query: I note that the replacements are not "handed" like the originals, but presumably can be fitted by adjustment of the screwed foot at one end. Is this correct?

    When I ordered the replacements, the originals seemed to have given up completely but now they have started working again, however, I think they must be on their way out after 10 yrs.

    tcfuk ·
    Hi Paul,
    I am interested in the facelift black drivers seat.

    I there any damaged to the seat? and do you know the shipping to London SE18 1HE, as I would have to way up the cost to get to you and lose a day's holiday from work.

    sk8023 ·
    Hi Paul,
    I live in southern Ontario, Canada and I have a 2005 300C with 140,000 km. It's been parked now for about 2 years as I gave up trying to fix what was wrong with it. All was fine till I parked it for about 4 months over the winter. When I tried driving it in the spring it was in limp mode and the ABS light was on. I replaced both rear sensors and the vehicle speed sensor in the transmission but the problem persisted. I checked the continuity of all the wiring from the ABS box under the hood, all was good. So I am convinced it is deteriorated tone rings (it was parked outside for that 4 months). Not wanting to tackle that job, I simply abandoned the car. Now it's time to fix it, hence replace the tone rings or rear axles. First, can you tell me if you have to drop the rear differential to remove the axles? Second, how easy or hard is it to get the tone rings onto the axle? Would it be better to just replace the axles?Thanks for your assistance
    6r33dy ·
    hey Paul, Happy new year hey i know you dont sell the alien tech v-switch with tune to Australia but would it be possible to just buy the v-switch only with out the remap? im having trouble getting one in Australia

    corfew ·
    Hi Paul

    it's Eddie from the forum, I am looking for a drivers (UK) door handle.

    Can you give me a price for this.

    I am going to try to mend it as someone has said with a bit of drilling and epoxy it is as strong as new.

    S300CSW ·
    Can you give me a price for the Mtec discs all round and EBC red pads as well?
    Caliper pistons ? Number off and price for those along with the caliper slider pins?
    Best regards
    Belcher ·
    Hi bud. I see from your footer that you have a front parking camera fitted. Can I ask where you ran the cables for this? I have one to fit and can't really see where to cable up.

    Heminut ·
    Hi Paul
    We spoke last week Im new to the 330c thing Picking up this weekend a 5.7 touring and think I will be going down the 22inch wheel route ;)
    Like the look of the attached and wondered what wheel sizes you would advise Ill be buying from you as I know through experience how dangerous it is to rely on your average ally wheel vendor
    Fronts 9.5J (Continental Contact Sport 265/30/22)
    Rear 10J (Continental Contact Sport 295/25/22)
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