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  • PTCSRT8 ·
    Quiknen, are you still doing sigs? You did my current one about a year ago and was hoping if I sent you an updated pic, you coudl update my sig. Hope all is well. Have not seen you on here in a while so not sure if you still have your ride.
    Travis Day ·
    Hey heard about your break up sorry to hear it man, you'll get over it in a couple of years. I kno how hot and cool that girl was. too bad man. see ya soom.
    afmilboy02 ·
    hey i was doing some searching and saw your name on post regarding navigation updating for 06 srt8's. any help or advice on this? i am active duty air force and just got assigned in the vegas area where a lot of current roads are not on my gps. i am sick of driving in grey or white areas... lol. thanks in advance for the help.
    300onDaCreep ·

    I got my halos in the mail today. I'm about to pick up those adhesives you mentioned. I have another question if you dont mind, did you use epoxy to glue the halos onto the headlights or did you just use the silicone? Or is there a sticky backing behind the halos? (haven't opened the package yet). Thanks!
    Hey whats Up My name is norman I'm from wrentham give me a shout if you might want to throw some lighting in my 300c or just to say hey 508-958-7334 thanks,road trip may be interested, we are going out to cleveland next weekend to the pats game,first real rd trip in the new wheels,and thanks for the other responses
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