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  • tcfuk ·
    Hi Solver06hemic,

    Finally back from vaction, could you please forward me your email address so I can contact you directly, also, please could you give me your postal address so I can arrange to hav the items shipped directly to you.

    Many thanks with the help on getting this sorted out.

    tbh21 ·
    Hey Rob, I went to see my car today and this is the story. The broken lifter cannot easily be removed from the block. The mechanic says with their experience with these that the roller end of the lifter breaks that the cam then hits the two legs of the lifter and spreads or mushrooms them out. When they are then forced out the mushroomed ends gouge the cylinder of the lifter house and any new valve then put into the gouged hole will not work and will only be a matter of time before it fails. The cam shaft will have to be replaced for sure but I question the gouging etc as being bad enough as to require a whole new block.
    Any insights into a prblem like this?

    body80 ·
    I just saw in a post someone you knew was selling a Procharger kit.

    Where can I find the details on what's he's selling?
    Member From the area. Saw your post.... Check out good group of guys with meets every now and then.
    We also have a shop that only works on lx's
    rvphemi5.7 ·
    Hey whats up i hope u got my email of my cmr tune. and when I call them this morning they told me that I could come in and they would give me a base line run without the tuner on there at all but that they're only a custom tune shop so that they wouldn't be able to give me a pull with the diablosport trinity 93 canned tune on my car. Sounds like some bs to me.
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