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  • seli ·
    Good morning simon. This is mike. I sent you a couple of messages yesterday. Sorry for stalking you bro. I love your whip. I have the funds and im ready to close the deal. Get at me as soon as possible. Thanks again
    seli ·
    hey Simon sorry having problems with the website. Um jus Microcenter couple messages yesterday. Hey I'm ready to do the hump people transaction. Um thank you for allowing me to stalk you I'm just ready to go man. Um I love you right now pictures of your car saved in my um phone. Thanks bro appreciate it get at me as soon as possible you can call or text me man ever make it happen.
    seli ·
    hey Simon. This is Michael. Hey I sent you a couple messages yesterday. I'll be possible if I called ears for like the third time very interested in the suspension. thank you very much sorry for stalking you please get at me soon as possible I'm ready to PayPal transaction thanks bro.
    BobbyTMS ·
    Say Boss, was wondering what kind of wheels you've got on your 300. They look like Asanti 143. If so are they the AF or ELT?
    I'm waiting on my ELT 143s to land, and would love to check out some pics of a 300 with 143s mounted. Thx

    M12ES W ·
    Hey. Saw your ride on the 'post your grilles' thread. You have the sweetest looking 300c on here, total perfection. I'm based in Southampton (uk) where things like wheels cost a bomb, so no hope of getting any decent rims for me. Was checking your profile for any more pics. Keep up the good work!
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