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  • [email protected] ·
    Could you advise or point me in the right direction of how to post so to get some feedback. TY
    I was hoping someone might be able to advise on an issue I just ran into with my 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8. I just upgraded my Apple IPhone to the Apple 10 MAX XS about 4 months ago. No problems at all till last week when my 8.4 screen on my dash started to flicker. As each day went by the flickering progressed and finally last Saturday Bluetooth UConnect didn't work at all. I could still see the Bluetooth Button in the AUDIO settings, but no action when i tried to click it, its like it as greyed out.
    I checked on line at UCOnnect and found software updates for my VIN - 1 for the NAV and 1 for my RADIO. All went well, I even had UConnect on the phone with me during the install. Except when the process was complete the Bluetooth Feature Button in the AUDIO settings is no longer there at all. Strange. Even UConnect could not advise on next steps.
    TY Guttago
    badasblkhemi300c ·
    Hello I have never had to use a vendor in this site. I am looking for a quality HID conversion kit. Can someone tell me how to find where the recommended venders can be found?
    shp3ndii ·
    Steve i was reading somewhere that you were the man for srt8s. I need the best settings for my predator tuner. Im running 91 cai intake tune. Other than intake i have a exhaust. Just ordered the 180 jet stat. I chanded rpm limit to 6700 raised shift points and 10% throttle increase. Car runs pretty powerful and for the first time it chirps after hitting 2nd gear. Anything you can reccomend on wot fuel/spark setting or anything else i can change to get the best out of my tuner. Id appreciate if you can email me direct to [email protected]
    srt8 jeddah ·
    Thanks for the response. I have gone through enough threads and but couldn't find a definitive lead. have also seen your posts on some threads on the same issue. in one post you have indicated that it could be a EVAP /solenoid canister issue, wts this part? (sorry for my ignorance)
    Unfortunately, we lack good mechanics especially technitians here in my city. most of them go for "hit and try" approach :S. i went to one today morning who works on chrysler only and he told me it could be plugs, fuel injectors or fuel pump. he didnt want to diagnose the real problem rather asked me to change the plugs and clean the injectors first! i am going to try another and lets see if he checks the o2 sensors and diagnose the real culprit.
    Beside, i have read many posts inidcating this a PCM issue!
    stevesrt8 ·
    Don't waste time on the plugs. They are top quality NGK Iridium and good to 100k miles plus!

    O2 sensors can be individually tested for voltage range by any mechanic with the equipment. I have yet to hear of a PCM failing ever.

    You need better diagnostics before you start replacing parts!
    srt8 jeddah ·
    Hi Steve, saw ur profile and feels like u might be able to help m out with ur experience.
    i've csrt8 2006 with 60k km on it. the issue is it stalls and rough idles with engine light on. sometime engine light goes off and it stops stalling n then after a day or 2 it comes ON again along same stalling. I live in Saudia n the dealer here really sucks...
    But since had no option, took it to the stealership & they asked me to change;

    Batteryspark, plugs, PCM, all o2 sensors, catlytic converters, fuel package
    And the error codes in the report were only p0032, p0058, p0038,p0052 & b210d

    As per them all the above things r not working or r in bad condition! And the car is still running..woww...wt a miracle!
    I changed the battery & cleaned the throttle body (everything on the car is stock)
    is there anything you can point out to? im planing to change the spark plugs this weekend anyway, but shall i check the coils too?
    interesting, huh?
    Any help wud b much appreciated. :)
    B2TN41 ·
    Hey Steve would you know where i can get a good deal on 245/45/20 f and rear 275/40 currently running the parada?
    stevesrt8 ·
    ooops! How'd I miss you? Apologies.

    I guess you don't have an owners manual? Brakes takes 2 small containers to flush thoroughly, The rear end doesn't even take a whole quart. Same with PSF.
    goherd90 ·
    Steve..I'm going to get the Mopar fluids from dealer for rear diff, power steering and brakes. I just have NO CLUE on how much to get? Will the dealer be able to assist me this?
    goherd90 ·
    thanks Steve..OK..I'm going to have the dealer do the transmission change. This shop around my house that works on my wife's car has always told me whenever I need anything done they'd do for me. I want to have them do this

    rear axle fluid - what kind of fluid and where can I get
    gravity bleed brakes - what kind of fluids and where can I get
    break pads - I'm providing them with pads from our sponsor
    power steering change - what kind of fluids and where can I get
    coolant flush - what kind of fluids

    Sorry for all the questions..just trying to save money by having shop do whatever they can instead of dealer.
    stevesrt8 ·
    Nice list, seems like you've got most of it. I'd be considering a coolant flush as well. Don't forget to gravity bleed the brakes and thus get new fluid into that system as well.

    The rear end is very simple to do yourself if you have access to a lift.
    goherd90 ·
    Hey Steve...I always go to you when I have questions that I can't find posted and hope you don't mind. I truely value your expertise more than most. Car is coming up on 60k miles and wanted your thoughts on what I should have looked at other than what I have below? Also I found a decent shop around here that I want to do the work to save some money from dealer cost. From what I read I really should have the dealer do the rear axle and transmission fluid change correct? I should be ok with the SHOP doing the other changes?

    change rear axle fluid
    replace ac filter (never done this yet)
    replace air cleaner filter (never done yet)
    change power steering fluid
    change transmission fluid and filter
    I've already checked PCV valve
    Replacing break pads (2nd time..last was at 30k)
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