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  • TheKrell ·
    So, to answer your second question, Safford said it was normal. They tried to tell me everybody's pentastar engines stumbled like mine. Bozos. I'm never going back.

    And to answer your third question, I have been letting one dealer or another change my oil at 3K intervals. I maybe once checked the dipstick! So I'm afraid I don't know how much it was using initially, or now. You've inspired me to check it.
    TheKrell ·
    Most excellent questions. By the way, you are sending "visitor messages" rather than a normal PM, and because of that I'm not getting notified. Normal PMs would send me an email notification immediately, and I'd read it before now. So... Thanks for helping me to notice these visitor messages via your post.

    So... I saw no cosmetic imperfections, but I have suffered a boatload of little things, and one big thing (engine stumbles) that annoy the heck of me. I bought my car from Safford of Springfield (VA), and their so called "award winning" service department is the PITS! They wouldn't do anything for me but change the oil. They wouldn't charge Chrysler a dime to even diagnose my many problems.

    I switched to Farrish of Fairfax, and they are MUCH better. They already swapped out the right hand cylinder head, and this has improved my engine performance greatly. But I haven't asked them (yet) about the boatload of other little issues my car has.
    chryslerman ·
    Did they say it was normal? That's what one dealer told me. I guess I can live with it knowing I'm not the only one with this imperfection. I guess every car has its quirks. Also, how much oil did your car use during break in period. If so did it get any better?
    chryslerman ·
    Hey there Krell. The hard downshifting doesn't bother me too much as the very faint clunk sound I get sometimes when slowing down to turn and depress the accelerator. It's like it has excessive play in the rear end. Have you e ver listened to yours? Also I have a piece of chrome molding around the passenger window that's not flat. I will be taking it in to be fixed. Does your car have any imperfections that are noticeable?
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