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  • RussHatton ·
    Ray do you happen to know where I can get a complete set of gaskets and seal required when replacing oil cooler seals

    mario786 ·

    i have a 2006 300c 3.5 v6. The car currently has a problem with turning over. Before it was an intermittent problem, it would start drive ok then when started again afterwards it would go off.

    I v taken it to Chrysler dealers and their computer brought up the codes b2254 and b2224 which is for steering lock module etc. the cars steering does not lock so its ok.

    however i read some of the posts here similar to my situation but i was intrigued by the tire pressure sensor issue as could this be the overall issue for my immobilizer playing up?

    i did have someone hit into my front left tire and this broke the ball joint some months ago. This does come up ono the computer as fault C1506 and left fron tire pressure trigger module performance.

    the dealers charged by £110 just to diagnose the problem now want to charge me £1100 to get the parts replaced but iv read on here that sometimes it isnt the steering module.
    geo752 ·
    Is there any where in Glasgow that can actually find and fix a front end clunk, this is driving me nuts that no one can find it or replicate it when on ramps or jacks ��
    Olly57 ·
    The final update on this. The alternator has a 2 year warranty so changed FOC. as it stands prices are average but labour kills everything. As previous posts have said check with volt metre. Although about 18 months life time sounds a bit scairy and in this day and age quite frankly rubbish ��
    Olly57 ·
    I have a 300c 2007 plate. Just had the swirl motor and bits replaced (god what a cost£££££££). A problem still exists: Turn the key on & let the usual lights go out (glow plugs etc) start the engine, all good, drive off and the red battery light comes back on for about 100 metres and then goes off. I have had the fuel lines and the alternator replaced about 18 months ago so hope to go it is not this AGAIN. Anyone had anything similar, what could it be, and what did it cost to put right?:smashfrea :pat:
    TopcatSRT8 ·
    Hi, wonder if I can pick your brains for a min, ive got a srt8 and the front brake piston is seized (one) on both sides,, when trying to find someone to fix the problem,, both mechanics kept going on about sending my callipers away to be reconditioned,, I'm not so sure,as I don't think this will cure my problem longtime??,, any help would be much appreciated
    Jayocam ·
    Need a tyre pressure monitor urgently that works. Anybody got one and if so, how much, posted to Dublin? (2006 300c)

    roghack ·
    Do TPMS receivers normaly give problems as every time I now start I get the message to cheque the TPMS then it shows all the tyre pressures which
    are correct and I've checked thes manualy.
    300caa ·
    Hi, one of the other guys on here told me you had heaps of trouble with your steering wheel locking and then the engine not starting? He said yours turned out to be something simple to do with the tyre pressure module?? I just recently got new 22" wheels and they for got to put the tyre pressure sensor things back into the wheels from the original tyres?? Is this the problem you had?? Thanks
    jackpot100 ·
    hi my code reader has come up with a pending code p0670 glow heater control have no manual to know where or what to check anybody help not that quick on starting when cold
    Darrell247 ·
    I am new to this forum and would welcome advice on the following.
    I have owned a 300C CRD SRT from new since (Nov 2010).
    The dipped mirrors on selection of reverse on the auto box travel (dip) about 1-2 inches only. Has the travel of the mirrors changed from earlier models as my previous 300c (2006) produced dipped mirrors to view the rear wheels. Many thanks.
    Frankmcb ·
    my engine management light came on recently in my 07 CRD, so i took my car to my local garage. a fault code came up regarding the DPF, it was showing a reading of 299% full! however, the car is driving perfect. Any help please
    Murphy The Cat ·
    Ray, can I pick your brains ?
    Arnie has developed a rattle that sounds like a small bag of small spanners in a tin box being rattle around. I've had a shuftie and the brake shield on the back of the d/s frnt wheel is hanging loose (it looks like the holders have corroded away), is the brake cover/shield important and if not, is it a simple DIY removal job ?

    wirlinmerlin ·
    Hi! could do with your works telephone number re servicing/work etc on my 300crd. I live near M6 Knutsford services so it's an easy ride to you. I've a problem at the moment. One of the 3 inch 10 mm rubber fuel pipes has just split wide open on me, dumping half a tank of fuel on the ground. ( "Oh bugger!" he cried.) I can't get the replacement part ( P/N 0178104218519) which has a bend in it. Straight pipe just kinks closed. Chrysler will only sell me a complete pipe kit-Bastards!! Any advice would be welcome. Ta.
    UK CHRYSLER 300C ·
    No sorry mate,we didn't lose all the fluid when we changed the seal,it was a top up which was 2 litres,if you buy the dipstick it shows you on the dipstick for a cold or hot level,if you buy the stick you only have to put it in so far until you feel pressure,if you try and push it all the way it will jam in there......I
    yellowsum ·
    Hi there

    Did you ever manage to find the amount of fluid needed for the trans has i have to change the o ring on mine etc.


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