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  1. WTB: Infinity Kappa 32.9cf or 32.7cf

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I don't have the Kappas, but I do have a set of Infinity Reference 3002cfx speakers. I bought them for my previous 300C, but never got around to installing them.
  2. loss of power going up hills

    2nd Gen SRT8- Mechanical
    I have a 2013 5.7 300C, and I have the same problem.
  3. Engine bay covers

    Bling Under the Hood
    I was thinking the same thing. Also, wondering if that would cause any issues with air flow, either positive or negative.
  4. Are V8s going to come back into fashion

    Other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat Vehicle Discussion
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  5. Low voltage in dash cig lighter

    General Discussion
    If the fuse was keyed so that it could be inserted in only one way, then the polarity would not be an issue since it would only be connected in the proper way. Since the fuse could be inserted either way, either a duel LED, or a polarity reversing circuit would be necessary. The two issues...
  6. Low voltage in dash cig lighter

    General Discussion
    Not necessarily. A single LED could be used, provided there's a circuit with diodes connecting each pole to both terminals, to ensure the correct polarity.
  7. Low voltage in dash cig lighter

    General Discussion
    When you remove the charger, or don't have the cigarette lighter pushed in, the circuit is open (current is not passing through it). The LED would only light when there is a complete circuit.
  8. Low voltage in dash cig lighter

    General Discussion
    Yes, the load is still connected, as long as the fuse is plugged in . If the LED lights win the fuse is blown, then it is drawing power through the same circuit that the fuse is protecting. A fuse is, in its simplest form, just a piece of wire. when the current through that piece of wire...
  9. Low voltage in dash cig lighter

    General Discussion
    For the LED to light, it needs to complete the circuit. Since the fuse only has the 2 contact points between the load (the cigarette lighter in this case) then the only way for the LED to light is through the circuit that it is protecting. You would need an external circuit, isolated from the...
  10. Does anyone have instructions on how to replace the lower control arm, with pictures

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    If I ever caught anyone using a box end wrench on the end of a ratchet handle, they would never touch my tools again.
  11. Interesting Human Body Facts

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Helpful? Interesting, perhaps. Hmm, let's see... New member. First post. 9 year old thread. Generic "gee, that's helpful" message. In an off-topic thread. I think I smell something here, and it ain't ham...
  12. Fuel door problem

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    I had the same issue on my previous car, pressing the button 2 or 3 times (and sometimes holding it in) always seemed to do the trick for me.
  13. Cannot turn car off

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Check the neutral start switch, it may need to be adjusted or replaced. I haven't had to do this for any of my 300s, but I remember having to make this repair on an older car a long time ago to fix this exact issue.
  14. White 2nd Generation

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Yes to both. My previous car was a white 2011 C. White especially looks good with tinted windows. I traded that in for a dark grey (graphite pearl?) 2013 AWD, and I really like the current color too.
  15. Line lock question

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspensi
    Check They have several products which I believe will do what you want.
  16. Hood ornament

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    IMO, I think that an ornament that stands up like the pentastar might not look too good on this car. I think something more horizontal may be better
  17. 2013 to 2015 Uconnect update

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    I was excited to read this, until I found out that this update only applies to 2015 300's. My 2013 is not eligible
  18. Engine Bay Cleaning Or Engine Removal

    CRD Engine / transmission
    Better yet, a complete teardown every 3000 mile oil change. That's the only way you're going to guarantee removing every drop of old oil from the engine.
  19. which body kit should i make

    General Discussion
    If the answer is yes., then I will take that as proof that there is no god.
  20. U connect navigation upgrades

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    Thanks. I think I may have read through that thread when it was originally active. Ill check through it again before i apply the updates. I have the HK system (I wouldn't pay for anything 'Beats' if I have any control over it).
1-20 of 459 Results