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  1. Total Combustion

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Just had a FIRE this morning in my 2005 300C, having 121,000+ miles. Car in service since Feb 2005. The fire was caused by the HEATER in the front passenger's seat which was occupied at the time. The fire burned a hole in the seat and also burned the passenger's clothing, but no serious...
  2. Water in Trans

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Date Manufactured Thanks, Joey. Date of Mfg = Jan 05. MDH = 011022. I took delivery on Jan 24 2005.
  3. Water in Trans

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Date Manufactured I do not know the date. How can I find out - serial nbr, etc?
  4. Bluetooth Hands Free and UConnect

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    Doc G - How does it attach to the dash? Stick-on, clamp, screw mount, etc.?
  5. Water in Trans

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Trans Problem Solved (for now- waiting for rain) I had my trans serviced at the dealer where I bought the car. They seemed to be familiar with the "shudder" problem and the cure. They replaced the dip-stick tube seal (o-ring?) and flushed the trans three times (during the same service visit). I...
  6. TSB for the 55-58 vibration

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Update on trans check The dealer said they called Chrysler and Chrysler said to change the trans fluid and filter and they did. The dealer road tested and said it was now OK. Actually it had no affect on my problem. BTW I do not have the rear view mirror blurring, etc. - just shaky and noisy...
  7. TSB for the 55-58 vibration

    Problems / Dealer Service
    My 300C is 2 months old w/3300 miles. The "vibration" started a few days ago between 35 an 45 miles per hour and is continuing. I think it is the trans. I took some test drives with dealer service and got them to agree that there is a problem... At first they claimed they could not "feel"...
  8. Windshield "pops" & high temp readings

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I hear the "pop" every day when leaving work. No moonroof. There is a "dip" in the road where I usually get it.
1-8 of 8 Results