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  1. sometime stals at stoplight

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    i have a 06 awd 300c with 94k miles. i also get hard shiffs with a thud. HELP
  2. LED halo projector fogs

    Lighting Discussion
    led bumper lights how did you do the leds on the bumper or is the bumper a import?
  3. SRT8 Debut on Regis and Kelly

    2nd Gen SRT- General Discussion
    pics. please weres the pics,pics,pics,pics
  4. HID Help PLEASE!!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    the fix still what is the FIX ?
  5. HID Help PLEASE!!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    changed bulb i changed the bulbs around,changed the balest. still have the problem. every time i start the car bouth lights come on.the passenger side stays on for about a minute.
  6. HID Help PLEASE!!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    HID help i have the DIS bulb aswell,how do you rewiarer this type of setup to use a aftermarket HID kit. l like my OEM HID light,is'nt there a fix for this problem.
  7. hood strut replacement

    General Discussion
    strutwise i got mine from strutwise the best by fare, thy are custom made stainless steel on my car two years now work great 3 year warrenty and thy are serviceadle .$35 each .he is now making black or chrome. i think the SS is best. looks great, on my trunk aswell.
  8. Just picked up my 300c crd

    General Discussion
    Congrats Congrats,is it a 2011 300c crd, please post pics.
  9. HID Help PLEASE!!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    same problum i 've been having the same problum,changed bulb, changed the balist, still no change. need help now!
  10. how do you get vido from a ipod touch through a mygig

    General Discussion
    i have a 09 mygig installed in my 06 300c with a lock-pic harnes and a ipod adaptor harnes that inables me to cotrol my ipod touch from the steering wheel. i can cotrol the audio, but how can i play vido from the ipod touch on the Mygig RER?
  11. My Sun Roof Stop Working

    General Discussion
    my sun roof stopped working, i pulled fuse# 44 located in the trunk, test the fuse ,it was good,put it back . now the sun roof works?
  12. Backup Sensors Kit in the Front Bumper

    Appearance General Discussion
    great wirte-up great write-up,beans to you:arms:. i've been planing to do this mod for over a year and not shore how to go about it. i brought a set of OEM sensors with wirering from a forum member. is it posable to wirer these sensors in so it will work with the rear bumper display,and actvate...
  13. show your two tone paint

    Appearance General Discussion
    bump bummmmmmmmp tt
  14. EXPIRED: F/S: some parts,deals

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    bump bummmmmmmp
  15. EXPIRED: WTB: OEM Leather Door Pulls (Dark Slate)

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    leather door pulls i have a set of 4 leather door pulls. i will sell, in great/ex condition. pm sent
  16. EXPIRED: F/S: Vdi Lambo Kit

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    pm sent pm sent.please reply asap
  17. EXPIRED: F/S: Kenstyle body kit, Brembo BBK, Startech Grill

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    boxs for shipping You might want to try your local body shop for boxs they trash them all the time, may help with shipping. these guys know these Japonese body kit run 3K-6K ,if i had the paper i'd be on the whole package. body kit and grill. i'am so tempted to make you a offer on the grill.
  18. show your two tone paint

    Appearance General Discussion
    LOL nice paint LOL for a minet i though that you were posting pics of my car. LOL ,nice paint job . you've got good tast.
  19. anodized paint

    Custom Paint & Graphics
    no no not in a spray. yes i think i can use a spray.
  20. Dress up your engine with our polished fuel rail covers: free shipping at
    5.7 half cover who wan'ts a set all you guys with 5.7 and would like these half cover. let them know and maybe the will try harder. and make these covers for us as well. they are killer. and i want a set now.
1-20 of 358 Results