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  1. Installed my 6k Hid's from hidgate Take a look

    Lighting Discussion
    Looking good!
  2. I sold my Corvette to buy a 300SRT8!!! (Moved)

    Off-Topic Discussion
    m3's are definitely nice. I had an 02 smg convertible for a while and it was just plain awesome. I had considered the srt or another m3 for my next ride (kinda leaning toward the m3).
  3. 26" Wheels

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    From my understanding, there is no modifications on the rear, however it is recommended to roll the fenders, which is no big deal- just get a rubber mallet and a heat gun and you can do it quick and easy. on the front, you have to cut and weld and extension to the control arm because there is...
  4. 26" 24" combo.?

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    well you may want to get up with topmotorsports, i know that he had 26's all around on his charger and at some point they bolted the 26's up to a srt8 300 in the rear only and it had no problems at all. Bolts right up with no modification. If I remember right though, he was lowered with...
  5. MOPAR Coilover Suspension Kit

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspensi
    Now I may be wrong here because I havent though about it in a long while, but I am pretty sure that the mopar coilovers are the KW Varient 1. Most people buy the KW Varient 2's though, which I cannot remember what the main differences are offhand. I think it had to do with the adjustability...
  6. 426 Install for DRP's Charger SRT8 ... Pics!

    BMC Performance
    should be sweet!!
  7. Are DUB Moguls played out?

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    I still dig em. I think it goes well with the look of the car
  8. Photoshoot!!! New car in the family & DFWLX (Moved)

    Chrysler 300 Picture/Media Post
    man those are some nice rides!!!! keep the pics coming, I surely enjoy seeing them!!!
  9. 22" SRT replicas Machine Face/w silver.....(pic)

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    that is niiiiiice!!!
  10. need pics of a oem dub lip spoiler

    Appearance General Discussion
    here is a few ones that I could muster up Hope this helps. Not exactly great pics of the spoiler, but it should help.
  11. need pics of a oem dub lip spoiler

    Appearance General Discussion
    that is the one that i had. In my opinion, as long as you have corresponding mods (lowered, wheels and anything else) this spoiler looks awesome. If you have a stock car, I think that it doesnt look right and you would be better off with a srt style spoiler. I will have to round up some pics...
  12. NEW TiS 22" on the ride!! thanks Mexi!

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    That looks GREAT!!!
  13. Unmasked photos of the all-new 300C, inside and out! (Merged)

    General Discussion
    I think that I will pass on that one
  14. Just picked up these 22' giovanna Essens!

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    nah, there is not going to be much difference between 20's and 22's with performance. The only time that you can tell a difference is the initial change, from 17's to 20 or 22's. I dont think that a drag strip would be in your future anyway with the 2.7. Awesome looking wheels too!
  15. Baby pictures.

    Chrysler 300 Picture/Media Post
    man, your car has came a long way, fast. Awesome ride!!
  16. EXPIRED: F/S: UAS airbag kit

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    yes, this sold quite some time ago. as a matter of fact, I have actually sold the car around a month ago
  17. Rubbel's '09 Challenger SRT8 *INSANE* Project by BMC ... It Begins!

    BMC Performance
    awesome job so far!! cannot wait to see the end results
  18. 22'' Avenue Rims (Moved/Merged)

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    as long as you got the correct offset, it will fit with no problems at all. Most people are going with a slightly taller tire (265-35) tire and have not had any problems, so you should be good.
  19. hid install help needed fast

    Lighting Discussion
    need to flip the wire that goes from the ballast to the bulbs. That should do it.
  20. VHT "nite shades" question..

    Appearance General Discussion
    Now that, I do not know for sure. I would imagine your prep work is the biggest thing to whether the paint is going to stick or peel off.
1-20 of 447 Results