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  1. Dyno runs with 300c

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm planning on taking my C to a dyno place near me to test out if my diablosport is actually making me any gains. The question I wanted to ask is, does the C have any potential issues that may cause problems on the dyno? For example the ESP interfering or the transmission getting...
  2. Lets see your 300c (photos please)

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    A few months of owning it and modifying to my
  3. 12v sockets not working

    General Discussion
    Little update. So after pulling the car apart, checking the wiring, cleaning up all the contacts, cutting out the 2005 aftermarket Bluetooth system and repairing the relevant wires that they were spliced into, I now have a working cigarette lighter socket. Still a little temperamental but it...
  4. 12v sockets not working

    General Discussion
    The ignition and engine were both on and I had already tested the fuse in both positions but still nothing. I have also noticed that an aftermarket Bluetooth system was installed which also seems to have no power. I do wonder if power for this has been taken from the cigarette lighter socket...
  5. 12v sockets not working

    General Discussion
    So after picking up my Hemi 300c a few days ago I've now discovered that neither of my 12v sockets work. Today I replaced both 20a fuses but still nothing. Before I set to work dismantling my centre console to check the wiring is there anything I might be missing here? It would be a coincidence...
  6. UK 5.7 Hemi owners.

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi all, I'm just looking for some suggestions on what exhaust systems people have gone for over here in the UK. I've found a youtube clip of a UK Hemi fitted with a powerflow exhaust and wondered if anybody here has had one fitted by them. The sound is probably my favourite of the many many...
  7. New UK member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, whilst I'm not technically a 300C owner just yet, I will be in 5 days time when I collect my 5.7 Hemi. In a country dominated by the 3.0 CRD model, there aren't all that many Hemis but I've finally managed to pick one up and can't wait to financially ruin myself with all the plans I...
1-7 of 7 Results