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  1. 2015 Chrysler 300 RPM problem

    General Discussion
    So you don't believe it may be a cold engine idle operation? If not it may be that the butterfly in your throttle body is sticking a bit. When was the last time you cleaned the throttle body?
  2. Need some Info

    General Discussion
    No problem here at all with drainig & filling my NAG1 transmission.
  3. Need some Info

    General Discussion
    You will need to give us a bit bigger picture of that grill in order to correctly identify it. With respects to the transmission service I'd strongly recommend you follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Some would say if it ain't broke, don't fix it but that's a fallacy. Any mechanical...
  4. To change or not to change transmission fluid at 125k

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I'd definitely change it and use synthetic.
  5. Just became a member.

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the forum.
  6. Wheels and offset

    Appearance General Discussion
    21 is fine. It's only 1 mm difference. Don't forget the adapter will add some addtional offset width when installed. You'll have to do some research on the adapter availability.
  7. Front tire Tire Pressure Sensors

    General Discussion
    Yeah... Folks have solved that by not hitting curbs. No sensor will survive that. You could try some curb feelers:
  8. Diablo t1000 trinity tuner

    Performance General Discussion Sean does tunes by email. Look at Diablosport's CMR tuners list on their website and enter your zip code. Also check in with High Horse Performance. I believe they can also do tunes by email.
  9. Help....Crap Mileage!

    General Discussion
    With E85 you actually get less fuel to burn but you have the same # of gallons due to the E85 materiall taking unleaded fuel's place in the mix. So this does have an effect on mileage. I know a tuner close to me here who runs E85 in his HEMI but he tuned for it and said he had to as the engine...
  10. Good evening from New Zealand.

    New Member Introductions
    Thank you, Simon. Unfortunately I lost my 2014 in a collision with an inattentive driver who disregarded a traffic signal and proceeded to hit me while traveling around 40 MPH. I had selectively modified it as well, Thankfully no one was seriously injured and only a few minor bruises...
  11. Good evening from New Zealand.

    New Member Introductions
    I would not know what to do if Ram stopped selling the 2500 here in the States. I've had a series of 2500's over the last 15 years and thoroughly enjoy them. I currently own a 2017 2500 with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel.
  12. Backseat DVD player missing

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    It was part of the SRT Option II group so there are SRT8's that weren't built with them. You can get the build sheet by posting the VIN here:
  13. Dyno runs with 300c

    General Discussion
    Well, you've done what you can. No worries with running it on the dyno. Don't forget to post your results!
  14. Dyno runs with 300c

    General Discussion
    No problems at all. You don't even have to turn off ESP. What other mods do you have in addition to the programmer? If you don't have a cold air intake and freer flowing exhaust, even replacement of the stock muffler, you should add them. The mods act as a system to more cold air in, optimized...
  15. Windscreen washers poor headlightwasher strong?

    General Discussion
    I'd also give the nozzles a good blow with compressed air.
  16. I have a Chrysler 300c hemi I need help

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Did you fill it up then top off the tank? There is a defect in the fuel tank venting system that basically causes a vapor lock when the tank is filled too far.
  17. 300 c K39 recall

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    I replaced mine with a billet aluminum piece from Billet Technologies. There are videos on YouTube and a few here that show the process to replace it. It is not a difficult task. I can not speak to why Chrysler hasn't extended the TSB service to your part of the globe. The transmission...
  18. Trouble codes: SRT8 06

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    P0430 Causes Faulty oxygen sensor Worn and internally failing catalytic converter Leak in exhaust system I suspect the sensor has failed but it could also be a bad cat, a dirty or corroded sensor connection or damage to the wiring. How many miles on your car? P0700 - The Transmission...
  19. 2006 300C Miles

    General Discussion
    I'm about 20 miles west of downtown PDX.
  20. 2006 300C Miles

    General Discussion
    I always have fun while driving it so I don't feel as though I am missing out on anything. For me, driving it once in a while keeps it fresh. It was a DD the first year or so after I purchased it. Since then it has become somewhat of a modded garage queen. :D I have another fun MOPAR to drive...
1-20 of 168 Results