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300 SRT Core
Phantom Black
SRT Core
I'm the 4th owner of this vehicle. It began its life as a fleet vehicle, believe it or not. Then someone owned it for just under 2 years in Sheboygan, WI. After that, it appears to have gone to auction, was purchased or leased by someone, and was then repo'd after 60 days because the first payment wasn't even made. That most recent owner didn't take very good care of the vehicle. They seemed to have scraped the passenger fender against something, and they didn't know how to parallel park because the factory rims are all scraped up on the passenger side. Many of the interior panels also appear to have been removed and not replaced properly, suggesting that this car was probably torn apart and searched for drugs by the cops. When I bought it, there was a cut off tow-strap hanging from the bottom cross-member, indicating that it was probably forcibly towed and repossessed. It's safe to assume that the last owner was a moron.

Now the car is in the hands of someone who has the money and motivation to properly look after a vehicle of this rarity. I picked it up for a song as a bank repo. It will be enjoyed and loved and restored to carshow condition. It'll probably see a maximum of 3000 miles per year because it's my summer ride.

This vehicle is 1 of 55 of the SRT Core models produced in 2014. It's 1 of 12 in the Phantom Black color.

A handy list of all 2014 300C models (including 300 SRT Core) can be found here:

I cross-checked the VIN with to verify model and color information.
2014 Chrysler 300 SRT Core (Phantom Black)


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