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General Information

Cool Vanilla
Heritage Edition
2008 Chrysler 300C (Cool Vanilla)


Oracle Aqua LED Interior Lighting to replace all factory lighting
Oracle Aqua LED in trunk (Used 4 strips at 3ft per strip for 12 feet of lighting in the trunk)
(4) 300c Ghost Shadow Projector LED’s (Chrysler in White, 300C in Blue)
ESCORT Passport 9500ix GPS Enabled Radar Detector
Escort Direct Wire SmartCord Blue
Custom (Red, White, Blue) Chrysler 300C License Plate for Car Shows
Custom Trunk with Both Chrysler and Hemi Logo's cut out to show
T-Rex 80474 HYBRID Series Aluminum Mesh with Wire Mesh by T-Rex®
Oracle Cool White Pod's Underneath (4 in grille, 4 under front bumper, 5 along each side, 4 under rear bumper, 1 in each wheel well) 26 total
Oracle Cool White Halos on the Low Beam
Oracle Cool White Halos on the High Beam
Oracle Cool White Halos on the Fog Lights
Oracle 10000K 50 Watt HID Low Beams
Oracle 8000K 50 Watt HID High Beams
Oracle 8000K 50 Watt HID Fog Lights
Oracle Cool White LED Reverse Lights
Oracle Cool White LED Tag Lights
Oracle Cool White Switchback Turn Signals (Cool White When Driving, Orange When Turn Signal Is On)
Oracle Cool White Gen I Chrysler Illuminated LED Rear Wing
Clear Side Markers with Cool White LED
Street Glow SGPROSKIT Pro-Series Strobe Light Kit
Street Glow SGPROSKIT Pro-Series Strobe Light Fog Light Kit
Back-Up Camera
Backed Out Tail Lights
CHR550 Multimedia Chrysler MyGig Lockpick
X-Box 360 Final Fantasy XIII: Limited Edition Bundle (250gb Hard Drive w/2 controllers and headphones)
(2) 7" Alpine PKG-M780 WVGA TFT-LCD Headrest Monitors
(2) 12" Visor Televisions
(2) Phoenix Gold R1 Series in Custom Built 10" Fiberglass Box
(2) Phoenix Gold 500 Watt Amplifier
DB Link LCAP4KF 4-Farad High-Performance Capacitor
Infinity 109T 1--Inch Edge-Driven UHF Dome Tweeter
Cobra CPI 880 800 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power Inverter with 5 Volt USB output
Wheel and Tire
Oracle Cool White LED Strips in each wheel well (24" each strip x's 4)
Oracle Cool White LED Under body Lighting Including Wheel wells



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