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  1. General Discussion
    (Chrysler 300c 2008) I couldn’t find any atf 4 in my town i only found atf3 so can i stick to it or should i find it in other places instead?
  2. Oil Temperature Indicator

    Oil temperature is now available on the EVIC as a page in the "System" section
  3. Oil Pressure Indicator

    Oil Pressure Indicator now available as a page in the "System OK" set of pages.
  4. MDS Activation Indicator

    "Fuel Saver Mode" indicates MDS working and is displayed on the EVIC on the "Avg MPG" screen.
  5. Cruise Control "ON" Indicator

    New dash indicator on the left side of cluster to indicate Cruise Control is on.
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control indicator

    Shows the set speed of the ACC and that a car is within the 3 second interval that is set.
1-7 of 7 Results