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  1. Transmission
    So, I have an issue with my transmission where it sticks in first. I've noticed that if I reverse, say into a side road, full lock right, then put it in "D" then full lock left back onto where I've come from, it will correct itself. 90% of the time this works, And the transmission will behave...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello all! I did a little looking trying to see if I could answer this without bothering anyone but had no luck, hopefully someone can chime in for both my questions. I have a 2009 Chrysler 300 with the 2.7 (quickly discovered this motor is not much pumpkin). The motor is blown, what year...
  3. 1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    I did some digging around on the forum, but cant seem to find a working part # for the 2009 2010 SRT8 grille update/change in design. the one with the chrome surround and a tinted chrome mesh grille. I found these part #s digging online but with no pics. anyone have some info? thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results