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  1. Car Buy/Sell Forum
    SRT8 6.1L Hemi Auto Just over 124k miles Clean title in hand Borla exhaust Aftermarket air intake Kenwood sound system Regular maintenance Very well cared for Small paint imperfections Located in Mount Vernon, Wa 98273 *windshield is cracked but doesn't obstruct view *NO TRADES CASH ONLY...
  2. Chrysler 300 Picture/Media Post
    Came in near perfect condition. Has the Hemi, 2013.
  3. New Member Introductions
    2007 Chrysler 300C AWD w/ 5.7 hemi I want to start off N/A and eventually slap a pro charger on. Let me begin with my mods, explain my plans, and then soak up all the wisdom y’all have to offer. Current mods: *Cheap CAI *Diablo tuned for 93 octane with mds and traction control, governors, rev...
  4. 2006 300c on 22s

    2006 300c - 22" Mazzi 342 HUSTLER Chrome, 2 - 12" Soundqubed HDX3 Subs 1- Skar- SKV2 2500.1D MONOBLOCK AMP, Pioneer replacements 1 - JBL CLUB 704 - 4 Channel amp
  5. Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    Hi all, having issues with a 2010 Chrysler 300c crd V6 turbo. At low to mid rev range the engine is surging noticeably. Sometimes it is only just there, other times it’s very prominent. Thus far, the following items have been replaced to try rectify fault - fuel filters, accelerator...
  6. General Discussion
    Hi can we fit 2017 or top models srt steering wheel on 2014 Chrysler s v6 model? If yes is it fully functional like buttons and paddle shift works very well? Chrysler s model comes with paddle shift . Please help thanks….🙏🏻
  7. Problems / Dealer Service
    So I was driving home last night and as soon as I went over a railroad track all my warning lights came on for a few seconds than turned right back off ?? Any idea what this could be
  8. Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    I am looking to upgrade my stock radio it’s the 07 with navigation. I already purchased a PACRP4-CH11 for the wiring. All I need is a double din radio preferably one that covers the whole din or at least majority I’m looking for a clean fit style. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar builds ?
  9. General Discussion
    Lately my 2006 300c (140k miles) has been having issues. I know there is a leak somewhere, but not sure where. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I nearly ran the thing out of oil (no idea how as it was full before) so the car shut off and the oil light came on. Got the car filled with oil again and then...
  10. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hi, I have seen some similar issues but not quite what I'm dealing with. The extra challenge for me is that I live in Malta, a small mediterrrenean island where you can't find qualified mechanics and it's all botched work. I usually take the ferry and drive to Austria to fix it, but that's not...
1-10 of 10 Results