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  1. How to replace 3.5l thermostat

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So recently i started having problems with the thermostat on my 05 Chrysler 300. When i started looking around at how to change the thermostat there wasn't really much available and it looked somewhat more complex than changing your average thermostat. After i replaced the thermostat 3 times and...
  2. 3.5L Transmission Fluid Level Check

    Problems / Dealer Service
    alright so i was having a little tranny problems (my fluid was low cause of a gasket leak) but anyways my buddy works at a dodge dealership and showed me how to check the fluid, there is a little cap in the middle of the engine (more towards the back) that says "stealerships only" and that is it...
  3. 300 Touring exhaust recommendation? 3.5L

    Intake & Exhaust
    Thinking about picking up a Diablo Predator for my '06 Touring and from what I've read you get the most benefit by opening the exhaust and sticking in a K&N in the air box. Would a cat back be sufficient? Also, any suggestions on mufflers? I don't really want the car to be loud. I was checking...