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  1. A/C Actuators aren’t powered/moving

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    Hi all, hope I’m posting in the correct location — new to this forum. I spent the day trying to troubleshoot my 2014 Chrysler 300s A/C problems. I believe I’ve isolated it down to the actuators not getting sufficient power. It’s a dual zone A/C system. Tested two of the actuators out of the car...
  2. 2006 300C SRT8: Recirc. and temp not responding. Please help.

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So I'm dailying a 2006 300C SRT8 and it's been nothing but good to me. My only major issue is that I can't change the A/C temp or activate the recirculation. I picked up a new pair of door actuators believing that to be the problem. Before I put them in though, I unplugged one of the old ones...
  3. AC Failure probably caused by Computer Malfunction

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    2006 300C can't engage the AC button and pressing it, it is possible to have it working, even for a couple of seconds. So, the A/C mechanic evaluated it, short circuiting the relay and the A/C worked for few minutes and stopped. After restarting the car, the process can be repeated. The...
  4. A/C hot but freeOn almost full

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hello All, my 06 300 is not blowing cold air at all. in autozone tell me is not the refrigerant or clutch or anything around the motor. that posibly is something wrong with a fuse or some controls i do not know were. can some one help me find the problem before taking it to the dealer? thank...
  5. Heater & A/C Issue ---- HELP

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    2005 300c - built April 2004 - purchased May 2004 - currently 277,000 km .. - dual auto temperature controls - navigation Air Conidtioner suddenly stopped working last summer (2013-June) and the dealer replace one of the computers (ECM or PCM) and it started working ... then stopped again in...
  6. Hot A/C. Doesn't need a charge.

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hey All I have another problem I've been putting off to fix, but being in the Florida heat, it can't wait any longer. My A/C doesn't seem to be working, but let me give you a back story first. It started out about a year ago The A/C on the passengers side started to become warm, even on the...
  7. shaking when a/c is on

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    hi, i have a 2006 300 2.7 engine. the probLem that im having is when the car is stopped and i have the AC on the idle will bog down almost to the point where it turns off and the car will shake and idle will push back up higher then the normal idle is. i have only cleaned the throttle body...
  8. Bubbling Noise from front end

    General Discussion
    There is a bubbling noise that sounds like its coming from in the dash. This happens when the A/C or heat is in use. It doesn't happen everytime and usually takes a while for it to start. Took it to the dealer who said there was an air pocket in the system which they removed however, the...