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  1. Issues when 'cold'| Passenger airbag/seatbelt light & blower motor not working

    CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Having some troubles with the electronics of the 300C Touring. When it stand still for a period of time (min. 10 minutes or overnight), the passenger airbag/seatbelt light stays on and the blower motor (heater and A/C) isn't blowing any air around. Buckled the seat belt from passenger side...
  2. Airbag Deployed Light on Driving

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Last two times I have driven my 08 300 I have noticed that the airbag deployed light come on while driving. Happy that it works, yet haven't been in a wreck (lately), nor has the airbag deployed now or ever (to my knowledge). It has been 3/4 months since I have had the front clip off the car as...
  3. Airbag Light on and seat warmers don't work

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hi, new to the group, but I need help!!!! I've got a 2005 300C and was trying to install an FM Modulator and somehow I screwed up my Airbag and seat warmers switches. Apparantly, I was checking for a power line for the modulator and must of shorted something(s). So, now my airbag light stays...
  4. Help Please!!!

    General Discussion
    I currently own a 95 chevy impala and I've been thinking about getting something newer. I found an 05 300c, it's a good deal. When I was test driving it the Airbag light came on (RED) in the cluster along with a light right next to it ESP/BAS. I was able to reset the last one, however the airbag...