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  1. Need TPMS info for 2010 SRT8 Wheel

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspensi
    Hi I just ordered a Stock Silver Polished 20inch 2010 Alcoa Forged Stamped SRT8 wheel to go with my 2010 SRT8. I need it for a spare. I just want to swap the wheel while the other gets fixed, and have it on stand bye. I just placed order but I need to know what kind of TPMS goes with the...
  2. Why are some rims "alcoa" stamped and some not?

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspensi
    Have an 08 SRT. My rims have the "SRT" stamped on the blade, but no "ALCOA" stamp. I know someone with another 08 SRT, and his has BOTH stamps.. Can someone chime in and explain if there's a difference? If so, in what aspects - weight, forged, etc? Thanks in advance.