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  1. Potential buyer Wanting to know how the AWD works

    General Discussion
    Newbie here I wanted to know how the awd works in the 300c is it like the 4matic on mercedes in any way. I know Mercedes has a Great system but i didnt know if they passed that tech to their domestic counterpart. Also how reliable is it i live in Maryland if we get snow we GET Snow! Thanks in...
  2. EXPIRED: BCR AWD coilovers hemi or srt8

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    i have a set of bc racing coilovers i bought in feburary of this year. They have been great but im selling the car. they have a warrenty and i have all the papers on them. These are custom made for the AWD badasses out there. fully adjustable. They fit 05- 300c hemi AWD OR SRT8 300c AWD OR...