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  1. 1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    When I'm using the autostick and I put my car in 1ST gear, I expect it to stay in 1ST gear until the rev limiter, which shifts into 2ND gear But this is not the case with my srt8 Are there WOT and 'part throttle' auto shift up settings in my 2007 300c SRT8? I noticed that when I'm using the...
  2. 2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    So, my 2019 300S has paddle shifters, and a "P R N D S" gear selector. According to the owner's manual, the paddle shifters will work only temporarily in the Drive gear. You can downshift or upshift in Drive gear, but it will revert back to standard automatic mode a few moments after letting off...
  3. Electronics For Performance
    i've tried using both mode 1 and mode 2 tune from predator for autostick settings, neither of them changed anything, it's stil 1-2-3-4-D on dashboard and never showed 5, and none of the gears would hold, like it'd be showing 1 on dashboard, but it'll shift to 2nd when i hit redline at 1st. i...
1-3 of 3 Results