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  1. Tail light turn signal died so now I need whole new tail light??

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    I have a 2013 300S and my rear, driver's side, blinker went out a few weeks ago. Long story short is that I bought the bulb, but also needed an oil change and safety inspection, so I brought it to a shop to take care of all of it. I got a call back saying the blinker is an LED and it can't just...
  2. LED Bulbs Problems!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    Alright so I just installed my new Putco LED Bulbs for my taillights/brake lights. Now when I turn on my blinkers it blinks twice as fast... like it would if you had one bulbs out, But both of them blink every time... just twice as fast. Is there any fix that I can do you make them blink a...