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boston acoustic

  1. Advice needed on new Parrot Asteroid Smart head unit

    CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Hi, I have decided the original sat nav head unit is outdated and have chosen to install a Parrot Asteroid Smart unit. I'm planning the installation and have a question on how to interface the Boston premium amp. I plan to remove the HU and fit a 2 DIN bezel adapter to take the Parrot HU, then...
  2. Replaced stock radio by navigation, bypassed the ampli

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    Hi, This forum has been really helpful in fixing my throttle issue, let's see if some of you can help me on the audio part ! I had the stock radio, with the round buttons inserted in the bezel (like this guy), with the Boston sound system. However, the CD player was not working, and there was...
  3. Aftermarket Sub/Amp setup with Boston Pack 2

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    I've been looking through these forums for awhile now trying to find the info I need but I can't seem to locate it. I'm new to complicated factory audio systems, aka more than four speakers, and would like to know exactly what I need to do in order to install an aftermarket sub/amp setup with...