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  1. ABS Unit's electric connector

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi All Somehow my 300C CDR's electric connector or plugins in ABS units has broken-down and now it keeps the ESP, ABS and slippery lighs on. A locking mecanism is broken and while it has to be water resistance the rubbers will start to popup the plugin. The local importer has tried to find...
  2. Parking Brake Actuator

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi all Did I imagine this, or is it possible to get a galvanised parking brake actuator? I am pretty sure mine is sticking again. Nearly failed it's MOT in March, so would like to replace once and for all. Thanks.
  3. Jittery at speed but not when braking.

    I just replaced pads and rotors on my 05 300c. The calipers all contracted fine but the passenger side caliper bracket had a frozen slide pin and lot of corrosion in the hole so I replace the bracket, pins boots and bolts. Now the car is all jittery at speed, (but not when braking) and it...
  4. ESP BAS Light Problem

    General Discussion
    I have a 2005 300c hemi with just over 165k and sometimes when I apply the brakes my ESP BAS light comes on, the brakes seem fine and I have no idea what causes this. Help!!
  5. Vibration in peddle and brake

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I have a 2006 300 srt-8 with 60k miles on it. I got the car in October and its been running great up until last week it didnt start for some reason. It wasnt a battery problem so I let it sit for about an hour or two and tried it again and it started. But ever since that there been a very slight...
  6. Loose/Broken Brake Disc Back Plate - Advice Needed

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    All, The last week or so there's been a horrendous rattle from somwhere under the car on the driver's side. It's only bad when travelling at normal town speeds, anything very slow or motorway fast is fine. I initially checked under the car (just on my knees), but nothing was hanging down or...
  7. 300C won't turn over but all lights work

    Problems / Dealer Service
    My wife stopped at the store and when she came out after 20 minutes, the car wouldn't start. All electrical (lights, windows, radio, etc.) seem to work, but when she turns the key/ignition there is no cranking. Also, when she tries to press the brake, it does not depress. ANy ideas? Thanks...
  8. Caliper Covers!! Special for the week of 6/13
    Want the painted Caliper look without all the work. This week we are offering the set of Caliper Covers for the 300. Help prevent brake dust build up and keep your caliper cooler with this easy 30 min clip-on installation no glue or adhesive required . We are offering them in Black, Satin, & Red...