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  1. General Discussion
    So ive been dealing with a stalling problem lately it doesn't matter if car is sitting park or driving but if I'm driving as soon as my foot lets off peddle its a CHANCE it'll die out. it doesn't die out every time but lately has been doing it a lot and it gets hesitant to turn back on after. i...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys, my 2005 Chrysler 300c hemi has 198,000 miles on it with a new engine put in at 196,000 miles. It is having this problem where it will stumble and trip up as If i accelerate too fast. If I accelerate a little bit, wait and let the car speed up and shift gears, then I can accelerate a...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey guys, Recently having trouble with my 300. I've replaced the pcm as well as the tcm, neither were the problem. The car will drive perfectly normal, out of nowhere, bucking/stalling occurs and car will die. Very dangerous at high speeds or highway. I have noticed many others having the...
1-3 of 3 Results