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  1. Fixes for a Faulty REJ CD Player or Alternate Headunits

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Well the dreaded day has come and the REJ in my 2007 300C has stated to fail to read CD's. Could have timed it better with the long trip to Glasto tomorrow night, but ain't that always the way. The CD's are changing OK and ejecting OK, it is struggling to read them and seems slow on realising...
  2. Replaced stock radio by navigation, bypassed the ampli

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    Hi, This forum has been really helpful in fixing my throttle issue, let's see if some of you can help me on the audio part ! I had the stock radio, with the round buttons inserted in the bezel (like this guy), with the Boston sound system. However, the CD player was not working, and there was...
  3. 2006 300 Limited question!! Please help

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    I have been searching around to see what type of stereo I would need for my 300, It has a 6 disk cd changer, and a tape deck. I want a stereo with a aux jack, does any one know if there is a aux jack conversion kit available or would I have to get a after-market stereo? I looked online at...