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coolant leak

  1. Chysler 300 2.7 V6 2005

    General Discussion
    What is this circled in red and why is it spraying antifreeze all over the engine?
  2. Coolant Leak Behind Passenger Tire??

    Hi guys and Girls!, Thought I would ask here first :) Has anyone experienced a pretty fast coolant leak behind the front passenger tire, near where the tire jack would go? In the coolant reservoir my coolant is reddish orange but where it is leaking it is bright neon green?? please tell me...
  3. OMG this thing is Possessed!!!!!

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hello Everyone, I'm so frustrated and at my WITS end with my 2005 Chrysler 300 2.7 Mean Vanilla. My wife drives this car mainly, it has over 260k miles on it and this summer she was driving when suddenly she heard a loud pop and saw smoke. She pulled over and all the coolant had leaked out of...
  4. Overheat and coolant leak

    Engine Cooling
    Its been over 100 degrees here the past few days. my car got hot yesturday almost to red levels. this morning i had added the lost coolant which was at min level. had not lost too much. turned on my car and let idle after it was at normal temp it stayed there for little while so i turned the ac...