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  1. CRD Intake / Swirl / Turbo
    Over the weekend took the car for a bit of a drive and noticed something when hard on the accelerator after I had a Viezu tuning done to it. When accelerating hard 1st, 2nd is all good, switches to 3rd and at about 3,000 revs the car bunny hops until about 3,250 revs then all good again. Car...
  2. UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Just fitting the Larger intercooler this weekend, up top of the remap that I did last week. The job itself was really good, not too many issues. Thanks Tim from Custom300Cshop, performance is so much better now. I am in mod mode now, any thing else to do? Tim - Just one note with the spacer...
  3. CRD Tuning / Chips / Remaps etc
    Just had my 2007 CRD Touring remapped today (Viezu V-Switch) - wow the immediate result is great. Response timing is so much more smoother and powerful. This weekend will install the larger intercooler, see what will happen there? Looking into Hybrid turbos, but maybe an over kill for the...
1-3 of 3 Results