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  1. P0299 Fault

    CRD Faults & Error Codes
    Hi there, This is my first post on here. I have owned my 300c for 2 years now and covered many miles. I am an active member on the facebook forum but I am in dire need of help! My car is well looked after and cared for and since owning her I have cover 36,000 miles. now to the problem. 2006 CRD...
  2. 300C - problem with changing gears (P, R, N, D) with gear selector

    CRD Engine / transmission
    Good morning, I have the following problem: the gear selector moves without any problem among gears (P, R, N, D), but the problem is that the gears don´t shift as they should in reality - sometimes it shifts without a problem for the first time and sometimes I have to shift with gear selector...
  3. Hello from 300c CRD Touring owner in UK

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all (or Hiy'all in the US) just joined today but had my 300c for a year and been lurking all that time on the forum. Gotta say thanks already as there are a few things on here that have really helped me even before I got the car. You guys know your stuff. I love the 300c Touring (wanted...
  4. 2013 300C CRD with Contanimated Fuel Issue

    Diesel Models OM642 (CRD) & VM (2nd Generation) (C
    Hi, First post here and I wish it wasn't under these circumstances. I have had my car for 18 months with no issue. It's a 300C Luxury Diesel in Black. Love it! Last week the car had to be towed away as the ETC light and check engine light came on. The car started to splutter and shake also...
  5. Service for 300C CRD Touring in Adelaide

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    G'day everyone, can I ask if anyone has a good mechanic that is honest and reasonably priced. I am so over the Chrysler stealerships and as my last service cost me over $1600 bucks I am some what pissed off. As a wrench myself I used to love doing my own work, but afflicted with Arthritis...
  6. Swirl Motor Emulator

    CRD Intake / Swirl / Turbo
    I had new injectors fitted to my 3,0 CRD a month ago, which fixed a hot start problem, and all was going well until today. Now the flashing lightnong bolt is on and car feels like it has 60 horsepower, and accelerating from 30-50 takes nearly 30 seconds ! I had already read many threads on...
  7. EXPIRED: 2007 3.0CRD Touring Mineral Grey 28k FSH

    UK & Europe Car Buy/Sell
    Time for a price drop as plate change is complete and the missus is giving me grief! £8999. Alternator light came on last week so have got it rebuilt (cost over £200). Low Mileage (28,000), Full Service History, Immaculate Condition. The mrs hates it so it has to go as I don't fancy making...
  8. CRD Engine Temp

    CRD Engine / transmission
    Just wondering what is normal operating engine temp for a CRD or what temp do you need start to worry.
  9. Air Silencer - Cold Air Intake - CRD

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Just removed the Air Silencer today and the sound is alot more deeper and maybe just an imagination, but on the road felt more gutsy. I also fitted a panel K&N filter into the Air Box (much better than the old standard filter). What are the peoples thought's on fitting an Cold Air Intake...
  10. CRD Turbo

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    What Type of Turbo is in a 2007 3lt 300C CRD? Also does anyone know if you can modifiy the turbo or if a bigger turbo can be fitted? Anyone done this before? What major performance modifications can be done to a CRD and what results have been seen?
  11. CRD Turbo

    CRD Intake / Swirl / Turbo
    What Type of Turbo is in a 2007 3lt 300C CRD? Also does anyone know if you can modifiy the turbo or if a bigger turbo can be fitted? Anyone done this before?