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  1. HELP!! Climate Control / TPM / Airbag light / Reverse Sensor MODULE issue

    CRD Faults & Error Codes
    So over the past 6 months my car has decided to First: Climate control completely stops working Second: about a month later reverse camera only intermittently works Thirdly: reverse parking sensor completely stops working Fourth: over about the next 1-2 months my remote for the alarm/central...
  2. turning over but not starting

    Diesel Models OM642 (CRD) & VM (2nd Generation) (C
    2006, Chrysler, 300C, 3 litre diesel, Automatic, Engine will crank but no fire/ start Have reset ecu, have tried different keys, no change just wont start. Security light is going off with the other dash lights during start up. It has a glow plug fault when put on diagnostic system, other wise...
  3. EXPIRED: 2008 Black Chrysler 300C CRD

    UK & Europe Car Buy/Sell
    After a very happy period of ownership, the time has come to say goodbye to my Bentler (as it is known in our house). This has genuinely been, to date, my all time favourite car. I will be sad to see her go, however a new car dictates she has to go to a new home. She is an absolute joy to drive...
  4. 2013 300C CRD with Contanimated Fuel Issue

    Diesel Models OM642 (CRD) & VM (2nd Generation) (C
    Hi, First post here and I wish it wasn't under these circumstances. I have had my car for 18 months with no issue. It's a 300C Luxury Diesel in Black. Love it! Last week the car had to be towed away as the ETC light and check engine light came on. The car started to splutter and shake also...
  5. EXPIRED: F/S 300c CRD Spider Tuning Box

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Hi I have just sold my 300c CRD which I owned for over 7 years. Boohoo. Going to miss it! But I have removed my spider tuning box and wish to sell this. It cost over £400 new and I would like £120 for it. This includes shipping by special delivery due to the cost of the item and to...
  6. 300C CRD Performance Mods

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi I have just purchased a 2007 300C CRD 3lt Diesel Turbo. I bought the car with a Spider Tuning box, and it seems like it has great power. I am wondering what other performance modifications are possible on this engine: Turbo Intercooler Air Intake Exhaust...etc Has anyone made any mod's...