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  1. New Personal Best ET: 11.90 @ 127+ mph!

    Track Talk
    I went back to Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD yesterday for some more Friday night test & tune fun. This was my second time at the strip in the Shelby, and I did better and ran quicker and faster than I did on my first time. My best ET was 11.90 @ 127.14, with some limited wheelspin at the...
  2. VIDEO: GTR Crashes while drag racing IN THE RAIN!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I have never seen such stupidity when it comes to drag racing. Here is video footage from an event where organizers had people drag racing in the rain, and without helmets! There were more safety concerns like a divider/barrier at mid track. GTR crashes during rainy drag race | PowerBlog My...
  3. Most fun I've ever had at the dragstrip!

    Track Talk
    I had another great day at the track. This time, there was a Challenger SRT8 392 there, but other than that, there were no other modern Mopars there. More about the Challenger later. My runs were pretty consistent and although the weather wasn't as cool as I hoped, it was a real nice sunny day...