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  1. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Hello there everyone! Up for sale are these USED Eibach lowering springs and factory shocks for the Chrystler 300. I had these on my 2007 Chrystler 300 (BASE MODEL) for about 2 years. You should expect about a 2 inch drop in the front and back, which will eliminate that nasty looking fender...
  2. Customize Your Ride
    thinking about lowering my 300 touring with eibach springs not sure which i should do the; pro kit 1.6 in in the front 1.5 in rear or the sportline kit 2" drop all around i want the car low but at the same time dont want to scrape over the reflectors in the street lol if any one has any advice...
  3. Suspension/Handling Modifications
    Hello guys I dont know which spring to go with either a 2" drop or a 1.6" I dont want to roll the fender and i dont want any rubbing. Since I changed the lower control arm it seems to sit high in the front. please send me pics 300C lowered springs only. all brands take a look at my car and...
1-3 of 3 Results