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engine stall

  1. 2012 300C (Issues with engine and Trans?)

    General Discussion
    Hi all, Before posting this new thread, I went and checked around however most if not all similar posts are related to older models. A bit about the car. It is a V8 bought used with 25k km. still under warranty and have a gold plan. Now it have 53k km. In short I have 3 concerns that I face...
  2. Engine Stalls and sometimes would not start

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hey folks, I am a newbie here on this forum. Have got an LX 5.7L 2005, vehicle stalls after starting, until the gas is pressed and if the gas is not pressed it wont start. Any ideas to troubleshoot, replaced the throttle body, but still same. Just additional info. If the gas pedal is pressed...