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  1. Car doesnt exceed 190

    I have a 2015 Chrysler 300 touring. I was just testing out how fast I can take it but it stopped at 193 and on the 5th gear (it's an 8 speed automatic) and I have no clue why. I've searched everywhere and can find that issue anywhere. The rpm just stops at around 3500 to 4000 and the speedometer...
  2. Car Shut Down...???

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So i was driving and my oil light came on and my car completely shut down. Does anyone know what can cause this? The only code i have on my dashboard is P1129 which is for the O2 sensor. When i try to turn it on it cranks and that's it. a couple times it turned on but 3 seconds later it shut off...
  3. WTB: 5.7 v8 bottom end

    UK & Europe Parts Buy/Sell
    hi guys. New here and to owning a 5.7 hemi. woooo hoo. But after spending out i discover theres a hole in the bottom of the engine that has happened after being submerged in water. Piston is stuck in it and hit the sump. Does anyone ave a bottom end for sale?
  4. Dream Engine for 300C

    Performance General Discussion
    You know those car you hear on the road that demand respect? I want one. I'd have to say if I was a millionaire that I would still drive a Chrysler. I want to make mine a long term project car. I want somewhere around "My Spartan eats Hellcats for breakfast" horsepower, without having a...
  5. Hot start problem fixed

    CRD Engine / transmission
    I had a problem with my 3.0 CRD as it would always start OK from cold but began to have a problem restarting when hot. Only solution was to wait an hour until it cooled down then it would start right away. Car is high mileage - 130,000 miles (mostly motorway at 2,000 rpm) Dealer seemed to...
  6. rough running, intermittant engine stoppage

    General Discussion
    My 300C (2005) when it starts, it kind of bucks like the default timing is too advanced. At a steady speed, like 35 mph, it wants to vibrate, then will run smooth if I keep accelerating slightly and occasionally, when at idle, it dies, won't restart without pressing the accelerator, then it...
  7. Just got my first 300!!.... and I have some mechanical and operating questions

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I just got an 09 hemi c last week and it has 38k miles. So far I love it....I have noticed a few little things after driving it for a week and I was wondering if they are normal. 1. Sometimes at idle at a red light, ill feel the engine slightly rev... rpms slightly rise and car might even move...
  8. Traction Control-2006 Chrysler 300 base

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Can someone help me turn off traction control. It's very annoying to drive with the traction control. I just want to know how to turn it off. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 Base 2.7L
  9. getting really frustrated...please help.

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hi, I'm having engine temperature issues which drive me crazy. I've allready been to the dealer several times and they checked everything. All the checkpoints come out ok. So far they found nothing. The do see thsat something goes wrong but they haven't a clue why this happens and just leave me...
  10. Cleaning the engine bay?!?!

    Bling Under the Hood
    Hey everyone, I want to clean my 2005 engine bay because it isn't looking to pretty after 180,000 miles of never being cleaned. I've read many threads and posts on how to clean it. I have one big question. Hose it down or don't hose it down?? I have seen many for both sides but I am just...
  11. 2006 300 srt8 valve spring broken

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    Hi, My car is at the dealer right now and I just had the news that it has a broken valve spring on cylinder #7!! That sucks!! I started the car yesterday morning (it was a cold morning) and the car was shaking at idle. Went to work and everything seemed fine when car was hotter... Than, when...
  12. HELP - How to Display V6 Engine Codes

    General Discussion
    A friend of mine has a 300 Limited V6 and asked me some questions about the engine check light being on. Does the key ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON work for a V6 ... I am assuming it displays the PNNN in the Odometer display?
  13. 2007 5.7 Reman Long Block Install

    General Discussion
    Does anyone have advise on the installation of a 5.7 reman long block into a 2007 300c? The book calls for the engine to be lowered from a car on a lift, I would like to know if anyone has removed from the top. Any/All help is appreciated.
  14. Car wont start after replacing oil pressure sensor

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    hello, im new to the thread, ok so i have a 2005 chrysler 300c 5.7l hemi engine. i have about 100,000 on it now. i recently had my check engine light come on after doing burn outs in first gear. went and got the code and it was the short circuit in the oild pressure sensor. so i went and bought...
  15. Performance Shops Near Baltimore

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific Performance & Engine/Intake/
    Just moved to Baltimore and am looking for any good speed shops near baltimore or maryland in general. dont really mind a drive. specifically looking for a shop to do a cam shaft swap. Thanks!
  16. dodge srt8 and 19 58 chrysler new yorker HEMI

    dodge srt8 and 19 58 chrysler new yorker HEMI

    58 chrysler hemi engine , 392 cui ,weiand intake manifold ,2x4 barrel edelbrock carbs , mallory electronic ignition ,100 amp alternator,spin on oil filter,holly electric fuel pump. around 400 hp,
  17. SRT RAK


    6.1L HEMI Engine
  18. New Engine Cover

    New Engine Cover