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  1. Problems / Dealer Service
    I see there’s lots of discussion about 2006 300c and off centre steering wheel,well mine is as well,it’s completely baffling as the first time it happened I back outa driveway start driving forward and steering wheel didn’t re centre it self and was off to the left if you put 12O’clock it veers...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys, Recently having trouble with my 300. I've replaced the pcm as well as the tcm, neither were the problem. The car will drive perfectly normal, out of nowhere, bucking/stalling occurs and car will die. Very dangerous at high speeds or highway. I have noticed many others having the...
  3. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hi All, Recently (this week) I've had periodic simultaneous display of the ESP/BAS, ABS, and ESP (skidding car) idiot lights. They sometimes come on then go off after some driving, and other times over the past three days, they come on at vehicle start and don't go out at all, until I turn the...
  4. Problems / Dealer Service
    esp/bas light is it covered under the Added Care Plus warranty plan? Chrysler Added Care Plus Extended Warranty :smashfrea It just came on it says abs chime. i tried to reset it by turning the wheel back and forth. didn't work. is it safe to drive it still? am i gonna mess anything up? thanks
1-4 of 4 Results