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  1. How to fix your snapped 300C outer door handle

    Diesel Models OM642 (CRD) & VM (2nd Generation) (C
    This is a very common problem that happens due to bad design of the outer door handle .. the handle snaps at the point where it hinges (towards the front of the car, ie). Replacement handles are around 70eu each so not cheap, but luckily can be repaired quite easily. Firstly get your handles...
  2. To Fix Or To Sell

    General Discussion
    Money is pretty tight since I'm still in school right now, not sure what to do with my C. I've recently got into an accident, and damaged the front subframe, driver side LCA, steering rack, left fender, door, headlights, etc. The estimated total repair cost including labor is $6500+...
  3. how to fix passenger door window

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    hey guy just wanted to put sum pics and info about this issue with my 2005 that i fix. This is a easy fix dot it your self type of job.This is to fix the window issue and the passenger side mirror and seat memory. [/URL][/IMG] so basically just pulled or wiggle in a way the black rubber that...